H Plus Ekonom

The company offers complex services in the area of tax administration and makes use of leading professionals in our market.

The concept of our tax office

Our tax office has, for the long term, been oriented on the total support of clients in the area of taxes. We are well aware that a personal approach, especially in tax administration, is what our partners need. We are especially dedicated to protecting the interests of our clients with a long-term outlook on their tax activities, prevention of possible problems and foremost the resolution of those which cannot be avoided.

Our main goal is to focus on professional representation whether it is from the point of tax advice, complete accounting services or together with tax advocacy. The area of tax advocacy in recent times has gained enormous importance and without an interconnection in these three areas, according to our opinion, it is not possible to succeed when problems arise.

Our tax office cooperates closely with the finest experts in these fields in the Czech Republic. We see taxpayers as an important cornerstone of the Czech economy which is where unfortunately our opinion differs from the opinion of the majority of state institutions. We do not want taxpayers to be fair game. We do everything we can so that our clients can focus on their business activities and expand their entrepreneurial interests without unnecessary interference from state institutions.

Our strategic partners

AK Lichnovský

Advocacy office Lichnovský – very respected and specialized advocacy office in the area of tax advocacy.


Exmoore Investments – an investment corporation with an orientation on foreign business, bank operations,

and many other no less important areas with a focus on foreign partners. They participate in no small way with key aspects of our complete services.

Tax issues

Finding solutions from the viewpoint of the tangible content of tax administration, correct formulation of the entrepreneurial concern and its resulting incorporation into the accounting system in keeping with business logic.

Specialized tax law

Resolving legal responsibilities when possible tax conflicts arise with state tax authorities, and using appropriate resolutions with reference to established judicial decisions by administrative courts - not only in the Czech Republic.


It contains: recording information about the economic activities of entrepreneurial subjects (namely in monetary units), document registration, specific information about the subject’s financial progress; and is an inseparable part of tax administration.